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Mike Samuelson a Royal Marines Officer; 40 decades of War and Peace (Keeping) Pt1

Please listen to my latest podcast, and interview with Mike Samuelson.

Mike Samuelson a Royal Marines Officer: Lympstone to N Iraq via Aden; Cyprus, Northern Ireland and the Falklands conflict; 40 decades of war and peace (Keeping).

Mike Samuelson briefing the Duke of Edinburgh, then Captain General Royal Marines, during 40 Commandos' Cyprus tour

Pt 1; Officer training, 1967 - 42 Commando in Singapore & Aden as a young Troop Commander, withdraw from Aden and being wounded, 'Op Motorman' Northern Ireland.

Mike Samuelson 'my only claim to fame' in Julian Thompson's Falkland's book 'No Picnic' - centre in a wooly pully in Fearless's Amphibious Ops Room pre-landing at San Carlos

During 'Op Corporate' the Battle of the Falklands Mike was with 3 Commando Brigade HQ as GSO3 Amphib, Operations & Exercises, Mike was at the centre of many of the Amphibious planning decisions and had a unique perspective on the conduct of the war.

Open in your favourite player or start listening on Spotify here;

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