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December 'Dits' since 1664

There are now 681 pins on the Royal Marines Geo History Map, 42 of which are for December including the 'First Action' of 1664.

Please find below a selection of posts from previous years blogs, you can find them all by searching here: December 'Dits'

1664: The Admirals Regiment

The Marines First Action - attack on the Dutch Smyrna fleet

December 1664

The Battle of the Falklands

8th December 1914

Battle of the River Plate

Royal Marines HMS Exeter B Turret - HMS Ajax X Turret

13th December 1939

Sinking of HMS Repulse and HMS Prince of Wales

10th December 1941

Taking of Lagos - War on the Slave Trade

26th - 27th December 1851

Winston Churchills Flying Instructor Killed

2nd December 1913

Loss of T Company 40 CDO - HMS Fidelity

30th December 1942

Limbang Raid - Hostage Rescue

12th December 1962

41 Commando - Chosin Reservoir Korea November/ December 1950 - Task Force Drysdale

November/ December 1950

63rd (Royal Naval) Division - Battle of Welsh Ridge

30th December 1917

Search by category December here for more 'dits';

40 CDO Recce of Pelagosa

Operation Frankton - The Cockleshell Heroes

Cyprus Emergency - Operation Foxhunter

2013: Raid to Capture Taliban Commander

40 Cdo in Sabah 1964

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