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Si Biggs

I hope you find this history site interesting, it is a labour of love, and I'am delighted with the comments and feedback I receive, and I also receive a lot of requests to help track down family members.

I have produced a guide here (coming soon) which I hope helps.

It may be that you wonder who I' am;

Simon grew up in South Dorset the Son of a Royal Marine, he completed 9 months of Commando training in 1989 and spent the next 18 years in the Royal Marines serving across the globe in various roles including 8 operational deployments.

Since leaving in 2006 Simon has run his own Company working all over the world supporting governments and corporations both large and small.

Still very much active roles have included training Hovercraft Crews & Special Forces to conduct Drugs Interdiction's on the Amazon, engaging in firefights with Somali Pirates from an Oil Tanker in the Indian Ocean, leading evacuation of persons during the Arab Spring, training personnel to manage crisis in Beirut and development of specialist training for government forces in the Middle East. Simon is currently working in the Film & TV Industry.


Simon is waiting for a lull to write a coffee table book version of this website and his next novel about a unique special forces unit in the mountains of Afghanistan.