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Loss of T Company - HMS Fidelity

Unit/ Formation: 40 Cdo RM Location: Azores Period/ Conflict: World War II Year: 1942 Date/s: 30th December 1942

HMS Fidelity a special service/ decoy AA ship with mainly Free French crew had Royal Marines of T Company embarked, she had been refitted to support operations in the Far East she had two landing craft two motor torpedo boats and two aircraft, as well as bristling with all manner of guns and explosives.

She was sunk by torpedoes during a U Boat attack (U435) on the 30th December 1942 off the Azores.

The U-boat reported a surprising high number of survivors on overcrowded rafts and swimming in the water, none of them were rescued and all drowned in the worsening weather.

274 crew members & 51 Royal Marines from 40 Commando RM together with 44 survivors from other ships were lost.

The only survivors were a few who had launched a motor boat from the ship before the attack.

The letter 'T' was never used again by 40RM Commando for a Company.

ANDREWS, Charles, Marine, PLY/X 1674:

ANSON, Harry R J, Marine, PO/X 100156:

APPLEBY, William T, Marine, PLY/2597:

BASHAM, Cyril E, Marine, PLY/X 3085:

BOOTHROYD, Geoffrey, Marine, PO/X 3189:

BRADLEY, William J, Marine, PLY/X 3580:

BROWNBRIDGE, Robert W, Marine, CH/X 1085:

CHAPMAN, Charles C, Marine, EX 1169:

DIXON, David G, Ty/Act/Corporal, RM, PLY/X 2699,:

EDWARDS, Maurice A, Marine, PO/X 4386:

FARRELL, Robert, Marine, PO/X 2501,:

FISK, George E, Marine, RFR, PO/X 315:

GOODYER-KETTLEY, Frederick R, Marine, PLY/X 3095:

HEBDEN, Richard, Marine, PO/X 4047:

HENDERSON, Alfred W, Ty/Sergeant, RM, CH/X 1123:

HERD, Alexander F, Marine, EX/3189:

HEWSON, William B, Marine, PO/X 2397:

HILDRETH, Harry L, Marine, PO/X 104141:

HILL, Reginald H, Marine, PLY/X 3235:

HUMPHREYS, Harry, Marine, PLY/X 2458:

HUTCHINSON, James, Marine, CH/X 2331:

JAMES, Russell K, Marine, PO/X 108891:

JEFFERS, Michael, Marine, PO/X 105426:

KELLY, John F, Marine, CH/X 2555:

LAGOR, Reginald A, Marine, PLY/X 3859:

LEDBURY, David R, Marine, PO/X 5001:

MCDOWELL, Ernest, Marine, PO/X 3758:

METCALF, Reginald H, Ty/Act/Corporal, RM, PO/X 2450:

MILO, Frederick C, Marine, PLY/X 2430:

NASH, Thomas, Marine, CH/X 2218:

OBORN, Arthur R, Marine, PO/2308:

O'BRIEN, Edward S, Marine, PO/X 1309:

PALMER, John, Marine, PLY/X 3323:

PANTER, Howard D, Marine, PO/X 107976:

PARKER, Robert S, Marine, PLY/X 2254:

PAYNE, George T, Marine, PO/X 4374:

PEMBER, Henry D, Marine, EX/3500:

RICHMOND, James A, Marine, EX/3778:

SALAMAN, Hugh L, Marine, PLY/X 104581:

SAUNDERS, Reginald T, Marine, CH/X 1276:

SEABROOK, John J, Marine, CH/X 1934:

SHOCKLEY, Harry W, Marine, PO/X 101827:

SIMMONDS, Joseph, Ty/Corporal, RM, PO/X 3601:

SWATTON, Vernon, Ty/Act/Corporal, RM (DEMS), PO/X 2317:

THOMSON, Ronald, Ty/Act/Corporal, RM, EX/3948:

TRASK, Walter A H, Ty/Lieutenant, RM:

TRUMP, William C, Marine, CH/X 104658:

TURNER, Roland C, Marine, CH/X 2632:

TWIDALE, Thomas, Marine, EX/3870:

WAKEFIELD, Jack H, Marine, CH/X 1417:

WILSON, Desmond J, Marine, CH/X 2546




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