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RM Band Service - SS Uganda - Falklands War

Unit/ Formation: RM Band Service

Location: Falkland Islands

Period/ Conflict: The Falklands War

Year: 1982

Date/s: 12th May 1982

Royal Marines Bandsman operated on board the hospital ship SS Uganda.

She received her first casualties on 12 May: wounded men from the Type 42 destroyer HMS Sheffield. Uganda sailed to and fro between "Red Cross Box 2" and Middle Bay, taking on casualties, both British and Argentine, transferring those who were well enough to the converted survey ships for passage to Montevideo.

On 28th May the land battles started and Uganda anchored in Grantham Sound, 11 miles northwest of Goose Green, where casualties from both sides arrived by helicopter and were treated, by 31 May she had 132 casualties aboard.

Royal Marines Bandsmans worked as stretcher bearers and in direct support to medical staff. 'At one stage, when there were several patients in intensive care requiring artificial ventilation of the lungs, it was necessary to use the services of the Royal Marine bandsmen to ventilate the lungs manually (Anaesthesia during the Falklands campaign)

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