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Rescue of the Persian Residency

Unit/ Formation: Royal Marines

Location: Bushehr

Period/ Conflict: 1800's

Year: 1839

Date/s: 25th March 1839

After taking Karachi HMS Wellesley then went up the Persian Gulf to Bushire, where the Persians were holding up the Residency.

Captain Ellis and 50 Marines were sent in the boats on 25th March to a landing place 8 miles from the Wellesley, where the boats opened fire which was not returned, and the detachment landing quickly the Persians fled; 1 Sergeant and 2 Privates were wounded.

They then occupied the Residency and brought off the Admiral and Residency staff. Captain Ellis and 30 Royal Marines were left there until 30th March, when they brought off the Resident.

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