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Project Regain - improving mental health awareness of serving Marines

Project Regain is an initiative of marines, by marines, for marines to assist all ranks in seeking help if they have concerns about their mental health.

Royal Marines have one of the most physically and psychologically demanding jobs on the planet and findings show lack of knowledge about mental health issues makes it more difficult to recognise a problem developing.

Now Regain has been set up to change this for the better by allowing serving Royal Marines and related ranks to refer themselves directly to specialists without the need to first go through their unit’s medical officer.

The intent of Regain is to improve the mental health awareness of serving marines, allowing all ranks to receive a basic education about worrying symptoms and behaviours and to seek help. Regain aims to reduce the stigma and barriers to treatment and enable ranks to present themselves without fear of being labelled by peers or command.

The support available is there and very good if you know where and how to look for it, but more importantly feel able to access it.

Captain Ryan Morris - Founder of Project Regain

Project Regain Video

What should I look for in myself or an oppo to recognise a mental health issue?

When these behaviours become a consistent presence;

  • Isolation and withdrawal (just sitting in your grot or replacing social activities with solitary activities)

  • Feeling distant and cut of from friends and loved ones

  • Constant relationship problems

  • Being excessively aggressive and irritable

  • Drinking excessively

  • Neglecting work or a drop in professional standards

  • Excessive phys

When these symptoms become a consistent presence;

  • Low mood and mood swings

  • Irritability

  • Sleep problems

  • Poor concentration

  • Anxiety

  • Nightmares or flashbacks about traumatic events

  • Constantly feeling on edge or in danger

  • Easily startled by loud noises

If you recognise any of these symptoms then call 01206 817057

Do I need help?

See the weblink below to take three simple self tests.

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