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Operation Gritrock - Ebola Crisis

Unit/ Formation: RM Band Service

Location: Sierra Leone

Period/ Conflict: Ebola Crisis

Year: 2014

Date/s: September 2014

Operation Gritrock was the code name given to the British, Irish and Canadian participation in the fight against the Ebola virus epidemic in West Africa. In November 2015, Sierra Leone was officially declared Ebola free

The Royal Marines Band Service (RMBS) and members of 539 ASRM and 42 Cdo RM deployed in support of the Royal Naval Medical Service on board RFA ARGUS during Operation GRITROCK, staying in the region for 6 months.

All of our commandos have undergone rigorous counter Ebola training and adhered to these measures while ashore

Cpl Gavin Smith

42 Commando and 539 ASRM Shown here ashore at Lungi Beach, near the country’s main international airport. There they met with local people who told them more about the surrounding area as well as carrying out an underwater survey in order to confirm beach gradients and their usability by landing craft.
The Ebola outbreak in west Africa is already a global threat to public health and it’s vital that the UK remains at the forefront of responding to the epidemic

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon

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