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MOLCAB in the Reichswald Forest

Unit/ Formation: Landing Craft Units

Location: Reichswald Forest

Period/ Conflict: World War II

Year: 1945

Date/s: 25 March 1945

Administered and run by the Royal Marines the MOLCAB is a Royal Navy Mobile Landing Craft Advanced Base.

The MOLCAB played an important part in the army's crossing of the Rhine.

Royal Marines made up a large part of the force, 36 Landing Craft were positioned for Operation Plunder (23 - 27th March) moved over land from Antwerp by 'Dragon Wagon' tank transporters all hidden by the largest smoke screen ever laid from 16th March

The White Ensign flying from a landing craft on the Rhine below Xanten. Bridge sections are in the background reaching a short distance into the river. © IWM A 27840

Craft are patrolling and bridge building along the Rhine and have brought prisoners across to the western bank.

Left to right: Lieut Cdr R G A Verity, RNVR; Capt P G H James, RN; Capt J Lemasurier, RM; Lieut R E Whittaker, RM, studying a map of the Rhine battle area at the base in the Reichswald Forest, Germany. © IWM A 27827

The force is under the command of Captain PGH James, RN, and all personnel live under canvas in the Reichswald Forest, Germany.

A landing craft towing a bridge section along the Rhine.

Working with the Royal Engineers landing craft tow bridge sections into place and facing downstream supporting then as they are fixed together and the bridge constructed.

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