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May 2023 Dits

Updated: May 31, 2023

Royal Marines in May

Thank you for opening this months History Blog, I'm sorry its a little light but I hope is still interesting.

This month has seen another moment in time that will forever be apart of British as well as Corps history with the Coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla, and the change in cypher to the Tudor Crown.

May is also a time that we look back at the Falklands Conflict as we establish a foothold ashore and the initial shaping operations begin after an amphibious landing in San Carlos, no doubt using lessons learned and re learning lessons learned by Major-General Robert Sturges of the Royal Marines when he commanded the amphibious assault on Madagascar in May 1942.

Although there are no specific 'dits' this month you will find many pins and previous years 'dits' covering much of our involvement in this war 8,000 miles from home. [Falklands Search]

We also remember in this month the sinking of HMS Hood with the loss of 163 Royal Marines and the involvement of the Marines in the fleet in the hunt for and sinking of the Bismarck.


Royal Marines Geo History Pins for May

Please check out the 60 pins for May on the Royal Marines Geo Map at or indeed any of the 698 pins since 1664!


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