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Landing in Akabah

HMS Minerva log

31 December 1914


Lat 29.5, Long 35.0

5.00am: Course & speed as requisite approaching Akaba & anchoring at head of gulf

7.00am: Hauled in Patent Log

9.45am: Hoisted out seaplane which started for reconnaissance up Wadi Akaba

9.50am: Capt Snepp RMLI & escort landed NW corner of gulf to examine beach. Turks concealed in sand hills opened fire. Landed marine detachment to rescue opened fire with shrapnel and cannon. Marines returned, enemy driven off. 1 private RM killed. Capt Snepp seriously wounded (Captain John W Snepp had, according to the Navy List, joined Minerva on 2nd August 1914, though this is not recorded in the log)

1.00pm: Seaplane not returned, due noon

2.00pm: Hands employedd as requisite

3.30pm: Shelled Turks in hills to NW

4.00pm: Weighed & proceeded. Course & speed as requisite

5.00pm: Stopped. Read burial service. Buried Private Frank Ward RMLI

5.30pm: Course & speed as requisite lying off

8.00pm: Returned to head of gulf, embarked Capt Sterling (Seaplane observer) Seaplane wrecked 20 miles away, pilot left 15 miles slightly injured unable to walk

8.30pm: Proceeded as requisite down gulf in order to return at daylight

3 on sick list

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