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Lance Corporal Parker RMLI VC - Gallipoli

Lance Corporal Walter Richard Parker RMLI VC - Gallipoli

Unit/ Formation: Victoria Cross

Location: Gallipoli

Period/ Conflict: World War I

Year: 1915

Date/s: 30 April 1915

On the night of 30 April/1 May 1915 at Gaba Tepe, Gallipoli, Turkey, Lance-Corporal Parker, a volunteer stretcher-bearer, went out with a party of NCOs and men to take ammunition, water and medical stores to an isolated trench containing about 40 men and several wounded.

There were no communication trenches leading to the trench, and several men had already been killed in an attempt to reach it. After crossing an area of about 400 yards swept by machine-gun and rifle fire, Lance-Corporal Parker was alone, the rest of the party having been killed or wounded.

On his arrival he gave assistance to the wounded and when the trench was finally evacuated early the next morning, he helped to remove and attend the casualties, although he himself was seriously wounded.

Parker never fully recovered from his wounds, and was invalided out of the service in June 1916.

Read more about the #RoyalMarines in Gallipoli here

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