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Forming of the Grand Division

Unit/ Formation: Royal Marines

Location: Great Britain

Period/ Conflict: 1700's

Year: 1775

Date/s: 3rd April 1775

In April 1755, when Britain was preparing for war with France. an Order in Council approved the recruitment of a total of 5,000 regulars, formed into three Grand Divisions were established to recruit, train and quarter marines while they awaited drafts to sea.

Based at Portsmouth, Chatham and Plymouth, the Marines totalled 50 companies and were under the control of the Board of the Admiralty.

Prior to that Marines had been under the control of the Admiralty whilst at sea and the Army whilst on shore.

Number One Division. Chatham

Number Two Division. Portsmouth

Number Three Division. Plymouth

Number Four Division. Woolwich. (Established 1805, disbanded 1869)

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