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Edward Jones died 26th March 1918

Edward Jones died 26th March 1918 and is buried in Arras he died 4 months before his only daughter was born.

Jones was on Gun 6 and replaced a colleague who was killed. [1]

Possibly killed on the 3rd day of the First Battle of Bapaume (Second phase of First Somme 1918) involving the 63rd Division (7 other Royal Marines Killed).


Standing by.

Target Warneton, destroyed tower, and German O.P. on 6th. Firing 21st and 22nd. Dismounted at night, when infantry had withdrawn to a line 1500 yards from gun.

Remounted at Beaurains; Salved most of their gear in 24 hours on which they were complimented.

On 26th when firing they were ordered to dismount immediately and proceed to Savy; whilst loading up were heavily shelled and after four loads had been got away, a shell burst near crew killing four, died of wounds 2 and wounded 13.

Worked after dark but continually shelled and eventually got away about to a.m. Sergt. Inman and Bombr. Morris were awarded the Military Medal for exceptionally good work. Moved to Savy. [2]

The Royal Marine Artillery operated ten 15-inch howitzers in France and Belgium, and in 1918 they also operated some 12-inch road-mounted howitzers.

Gunners of the Royal Marine Artillery hoisting a 15-inch shell © IWM Q 896

His brother William Jones RASC DM2/135082 was also killed on the 14th Dec of the same year.

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[1] Family research by Edwards Granddaughter

[2] Britain's sea soldiers : a record of the Royal Marines during the war 1914-1919 [General Sir H E Blumberg, KCB]

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