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41 Cdo - Diversionary Raid - North Korea

Kunsun Diversonary raid - Operation Chromite - Inchon

Unit/ Formation: 41 Cdo RM

Location: Korea

Period/ Conflict: Korean War

Year: 1950

Date/s: 12th September 1950

POUNDFORCE comprising mainly the Fleet Volunteers, 14 men under command of Lt E G D Pounds, left in HMS WHITESAND BAY to support the Inchon landings with a diversionary raid, at Kunsun as part of a US Army Raiding battalion on the West coast on 12/13 September.

As part of elaborate deception operations intended to make the enemy believe that a major U.N. amphibious invasion actually planned for Incheon on 15 September 1950 would take place at Kunsan, HMS Whitesand landed Royal Marine Commandos and United States Army special forces troops on the docks at Kunsan, with those forces making sure that the enemy noticed their visit

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