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40 Cdo in Sabah 1964

Images of 40 Commando Royal Marines in Sabah, North East Borneo July 1964 to December 1964, 40 Cdo's 4th of 6 tours of Borneo between 1962 and 1966.

Aboard "Papa Charlie three", a Malaysian Police launch of the Tawau assault group, which acts as an observation vessel in the waters off Tawau, Sabah, and is manned mainly by men of 40 Commando.

The group on top of the bridge house observing Nunukan, an Indonesian island.

Left to right: Marine B Chadbourn; Corporal G Hepburn; and (above) Lieut B Woodham, RM.

Image © IWM A 34855

Marine A Sharpe, seen servicing outboard motors for assault craft of 40 Commando.

Image © IWM A 34856

A Royal Marines Ferret Scout car of 40 Commando patrols a jungle fringed forward area of the Kalabankan River. The vehicle commander is Corporal B Skinley.

Image © IWM A 34858

RM Commandos patrolling by assault craft on the river Serudong near the Indonesian border in Sabah.

Image © IWM A 34857

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