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2 SBS - Tawau Assault Group

Unit/ Formation: SBS

Location: Sarawak

Period/ Conflict: Malayan Emergency

Year: 1964

Date/s: October 1964

2 SBS were flown into Sarawak area and set up a HQ in Wallace Bay as part of the Tawau Assault Group to conduct operations supporting 40 Cdo RM.

Between 1963 and 1966 SBS teams carried out various reconnaissance missions and amphibious raids across the border in Indonesian Kalimanta.

Notice placed on the Sarawak/Borneo frontier to discourage incursions by Indonesian forces in July 1966. The text states "if you come with evil intentions you will be killed." Acquired as a souvenir by a member of the Special Boat Squadron (SBS)

More here: Royal Marines in Borneo - 1962 - 1966



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