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Royal Marines in Action All Over 'The Great Globe Itself'

The "Great Globe itself" was chosen in 1827 by King George IV in place of Battle honours to recognise the Marines' service and successes in multiple engagements in every quarter of the world.

Although Marines have certainly circumnavigated the globe and traveled to almost every country how extensive has that reach been?

Using the RM Geo History Map as a reference and only counting 'Actions' and assuming that Marines have seen action in the Fleet across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, thus far of the 543 pins marked the furthest apart that Marines have been in action is between Hawaii and New Zealand, a mere 4,606 miles!

They have also been in action at the most extreme of Cardinal Points;

  • 62°57‘N (Arctic Convoys 1941 - 45)

  • 176°09‘E (Battle of Gate Pā Pukehinahina 1863)

  • 62°57‘S (Raid on Deception Island 1953)

  • 155°56W (Marines Killed alongside Cook 1779)

Why not come and explore this remarkable history for your self using the map here: Royal Marines a Geo History

Please also consider supporting the new Royal Marines Museum as they raise money to open a new museum telling the story of the Royal Marines.

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