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HMS Ajax - Ajax Canada @townofajax My Grandad and The Battle of the River Plate

Ajax, Ontario, Canada was named after HMS Ajax after the Battle of the River Plate and the streets are named after every member of the crew, including Biggs Drive, after my Grandfather.

What an amazing memorial! Do you live there please let me know! Ajax rememberedThe town of Ajax, in Ontario, Canada, was named after the cruiser following the Battle of the River Plate. The town also has streets named after every member of the ship's company, such as Hobson Avenue, and Harwood Avenue, which is the town's main north-south street. Many street signs in the town bear the silhouette of the ship. The silhouette signifies the street being named after part of the ship's company, and the ship's anchor rests in front of the local branch of the Royal Canadian Legion.

Cdr Reginald Charles Biggs DSO, DSC, RN This is one of my two Grandfathers who both served in the Royal Navy during WWII. One died before my Brother or I was born I wish I could have asked them more about their service.

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