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Tank Attack - With a Pistol - Capt. Marshall MC (Bar)

Ty/Lt (/ty/Capt) Lionel Guy Bradford MARSHALL, M.C. R.M.

(Bar to the M.C.)

22.1.44. Crossing of the Garigliano.

Capt Marshall was in command of two Troops who were ordered to go to Rotondo. During the night advance one Troop became separated.

This officer carried on with his depleted force about two miles behind the enemy lines for 36 hours.

Panzer IV Ausf H tank (Italy)

During which time lines of communication were cut, four enemy strong posts were wiped out and important information as to the location of an ammunition dump and a tank forming up position was brought back.

At one time Capt. Marshall's force was pinned to the ground by fire from tanks. The only line of withdrawal for his force was across a road into a gully. The road was covered by fire from the leading tank. Capt. Marshall himself worked his way round to the tank and armed only with a pistol jumped on to the tank and tried to attack the crew inside. This diversion was sufficient to cause the tank to withdraw, and thus leave the line of withdrawal open to Capt. Marshall's patrol.

Throughout this operation Capt. Marshall displayed very great powers of leadership and initiative, and he was instrumental in that the force sustained very few casualties, although causing considerable disruption to the enemy.

  • Awarded the MC for "gallant and distinguished services in operations leading to the capture of Termoli."

  • Awarded a bar to his MC for "courage, leadership and resource in operations which led to the crossing of the Garigliano River in the face of determined opposition, from the enemy."

Captain Lionel Marshall MC and bar died during operations in Albania.

MC: London Gazette 36367, page 687.

Bar to MC: London Gazette 36474, page 1777.

On of 55 Royal Marines lost in February 1945; Royal Marines Roll of Honour & War Graves Database, search here

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