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SBS Hostage Rescue - Stephen Farrell

Updated: Sep 30

Unit/ Formation: SBS

Location: Kunduz

Period/ Conflict: War in Afghanistan (2001-)

Year: 2009

Date/s: 9 September 2009

The Special Boat Service, supported by the SFSG (Special Forces Support Group), conducted a mission to rescue Stephen Farrell; a journalist captured and held at a Taliban safehouse in Char Dara District, Kunduz Province, by Taliban insurgents.

The UKSF team was inserted by helicopters from the 160th SOAR, the SBS assaulted the safehouse whilst the SFSG set up a cordon.

Farrell was rescued and a number of Taliban were killed, however one member of the SFSG was killed as well as Farrell's Afghan interpreter and two civilians


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