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Royal Legacy - Prince Philip, Captain General Royal Marines

The slow march Royal Legacy, composed by BdSgt Stuart Fothergill, in commemoration of the life and service to the Royal Marines of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

Prince Philip held the appointment of Captain General Royal Marines from 1 June 1953 - 19 December 2017, 64 years, 201 days in post.

Royal Legacy was written in 2017 with the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip in mind. As he comes to the end of his public duties I wanted to write a slow march that portrayed a sense of grace and grandeur to honour his exemplary commitment to the queen and the country. The piece is written in a simple three part structure and I have included a timpani part for use indoors although the piece works without it for marching purposes.
It was premiered on Horse Guards Beating Retreat in 2018 by the massed bands of HM Royal Marines and has been used by the RM band service since as well as other bands across the world. It was also used for my degree submission which was completed in 2017.

BdSgt Stuart Fothergill RM | Central Music Library March 2022

Stuart is currently serving as Supply Officer Band Service in HNS Nelson, Portsmouth.

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