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Disarming Russian Bolsheviks at Vladivostok - Preparing an Armoured Train

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

HMS Suffolk

Lat 43.1, Long 131.88

On the 9th April 1918 the cruiser HMS Suffolk landed a Marine Detachment to act as Consular Guard at the British Embassy and to perform Policing duties, this commitment would continue

On the 29th June at 10.10am: Landed small arm companies and maxim guns crews for guard duties during Czech occupation of Vladivostok.

Royal Marines, led by Capt J A Bath RMA disarmed Russian Bolsheviks.

Armed patrols would continue to be sent ashore throughout the port stay.

From the 15th August guns and ammunition were landed and the fitting of railway trucks began, an armoured train was fabricated which included 12 pdr and 6" naval guns dismounted from the ship.

On 29 August 1918 Landed Commander Wolfe-Murray, Captain Bate RMLI, Dr Smith and Mr Moffat Gunner and 21 men for service with 6” and 12 pdr armoured train.

Extracts from HMS Suffolk Ships Log; full log here

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