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Battle of Sinzheim

Unit/ Formation: Marine Regiments Location: France Period/ Conflict: The Franco Dutch War Year: 1674 Date/s: Saturday 16th June 1674 Battle of Sinzheim in France, assisting the French Viscount of Turenne against the Imperialists. The enemy’s cavalry had driven Turenne’s first line back upon his second, the British Infantry poured in such a furious fire on the enemy that they were unable to stand against it, and begun to retire.

Undercover of this fire the French Cavalry rallied and were able to advance against the enemy. Later the French first line was again broken in several places, but the British fire was so effective as to prevent the enemy’s Cuirassiers from passing through the gaps which had been made.

It’s believed that John Churchill 1st Duke of Marlborough was present during the battle. Although Charles II's anti-French Parliament had forced England to withdraw from the Franco-Dutch War in 1674, some English Regiments remained in French service.

In April Churchill was appointed the colonelcy of one such Regiment, thereafter serving with, and learning from, the great Marshal Turenne. Churchill was present at the hard fought battles of Sinsheim in June 1674, and Enzheim in October; Turckheim in January 1675. He was also present at Sasbach in July 1675, where Turenne was killed. Read More/ Web Link: Wikipedia

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