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Battle of Fatehgarh - Indian Mutiny

A detachment from HMS Shannon gave artillery support to the Highland Brigade during the Indian Mutiny at the Battle of Fatehgarh January 1858.

During the winter of 1857 campaigning season, General Campbell had re-established his communications with Delhi and with Calcutta.

He also received fresh reinforcements from Britain and built up a substantial transport and supply column.

The capture of Fatehgarh on 1 January, 1858 allowed him to establish control over the countryside between Cawnpore and Delhi.

On January 2nd, 1858, it (The Naval Bde) behaved with great gallantry at the action at Kallee-Nuddee. Lieutenant Vaughan was attacked while repairing a bridge across the river, which he then promptly crossed with three guns.

On the further side he held in check a body of cavalry, and, himself aiming and firing one of his guns, made such good practice at the rebel gun which had originally annoyed him, that in five shots he dismounted the piece, destroyed its carriage, and blew up its ammunition waggon.

Towards the end of the day Captains Peel and Jones, with three men of the 53rd regiment, while passing through a captured battery, were unexpectedly attacked by five sepoys who had lain in ambush. All the assailants were killed, the last falling to Jones's revolver.

During the subsequent marching, the Brigade excited the admiration of the army by the manner in which it moved its guns. If a weapon drawn by bullocks stuck in heavy ground, the seamen never failed to extricate it, manning both wheels and drag-ropes, and, if necessary, getting an elephant to push behind. The cheerfulness, too, of the Brigade was much remarked on; and, doubtless, it contributed to the keeping up of the spirits of all engaged throughout a terribly trying time.

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