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Battle of Cambrai & Capture of Niergnies

Unit/ Formation: RMLI

Location: France

Period/ Conflict: World War I

Year: 1918

Date/s: 8th to 9th October 1918

The Battle of Cambrai, 1918 (also known as the Second Battle of Cambrai) was a battle between troops of the British First, Third and Fourth Armies and German Empire forces during the Hundred Days Offensive of the First World War.

Battle of Cambrai. Prisoners taken by 63rd (Royal Naval) Division being marched in near Noyelles, 8 October 1918.

The battle took place in and around the French city of Cambrai, between 8 and 10 October 1918.

The battle incorporated many of the newer tactics of 1918, in particular tanks. The attack was an overwhelming success with light casualties in an extremely short amount of time.

1RM suffers moderate losses with 36 Royal Marines killed in the 2nd Battle of Cambrai, mostly serving with the 1st RM Battalion.

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