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April 2023 Dits

Royal Marines in April

I do hope you will find this months 'Dits' Blog interesting, the story of Edward Jones started with a request from a Great Granddaughter who was due to visit the grave of her Royal Marine Ancestor last week in Arras.

With very little information we managed to find his story and also we now have the location and the colleagues who died with him, and can now update their stories too.

This also led to me conducting more research on this period and updating my pin on the Battle of Gavrelle Windmill which saw the highest number of Royal Marine causalities in a single day in any conflict.

Royal Marines Roll of Honour Data Base

Why not search your own surname and help me fill in the gaps and maybe put a name to a story to a family to a picture... I am trying hard, several 100's updated so far but its a big task and so many of our fallen still have no story.


Geo History Pins for April

Please check out the 60 pins for April on the Royal Marines Geo Map at or indeed any of the 695 pins since 1664!


Monthly 'Dits' Blog

Please do share this blog with your oppo's friends and family, you can forward your e mail, or they can see previous blogs and sign up here


Audio and Video Files

I have recently discovered the amazing audio files held by the IWM, taped interviews with former Royal Marines from as far back as the days of sail through WW1, WW2 and Korea, I have added a new page to attempt to index these files and provide short cuts and links to make them easier to find.

More coming soon.

Thank you all again for opening and if you enjoy the content please do share as widely as you like on any platform.

Yours Aye

Si Biggs

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