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Hell Ship Toyofuku Maru/ Hofuku Maru #RoyalMarines

On 20 September 1944, the Toyofuku Maru/ Hofuku Maru left Manila as part of convoy MATA-27. Of the eleven ships in the convoy she was the largest and the only one carrying prisoners. Fast Carrier Task Force TF 38 commanded by Rear Admiral Marc Mitscher was the main strike force of the United States Navy.

Spotter planes from one of her carriers came across the Toyofuku Maru convoy on the morning of 21 September and a full scale attack was soon launched. At about 10.30 a.m. she received direct hits from two ariel torpedoes and three bombs.

She split in two and sank within five minutes. 1,047 prisoners were drowned, trapped below decks.

2 Royal Marines were killed.

BENSON, James A, Marine, PLY/X 100147, (Sultan):

DAVENPORT, Jack, Marine, PLY/X 100127, (Sultan),


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