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Battle for the Falklands - NP8901 - 01 April 1982

At the time of the Argentine invasion the islands were defended by Naval Party 8901 (NP 8901) that consisted of a Royal Marine garrison of about troop strength.

It just so happened that NP 8901 was in the process of its annual rotation, with one troop arriving and one troop returning to the UK (a fact that the Argentine intelligence did not know). Major Norman’s troop of Marines were being relieved by a troop commanded by Major Noott. This gave Rex Hunt a total of 67 Royal Marines to defend the Falklands.

Major Norman, being the senior of the two Majors, was placed in over all command and Noott was made military adviser to the Governor.

The Marines fought a brave delaying action, destroying an Amtrack and probably a Landing Craft and causing numerous casualties amongst the invaders.

Most of the party volunteered to return with teh task force and formed J Company 42 Commando, they would have the honour of once again raising the flag at Government House.

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