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Stepping into the Unknown a Novel

Hi Royal, thanks for allowing me to use your platform to advertise my first book Stepping into the Unknown. I am former Royal Marines Commando Brad Shaw and did some time at 42 Cdo RM and 4ASRM. However not that much happened during the 'quiet years' of the 1990s and hence I still needed some action therefore Indonesia opened the door after the Bali bomb in 2002. My first book is based on actual events that still sends a shiver through me today well over a decade ago. Authors Brad Shaw and Peter Campbell.

About the book... While names, dates and places have been changed to protect confidentiality, the story narrated in the book is essentially what happened to Shaw. The book, published by Herodotus Press and available on Amazon Kindle, retells Shaw’s first contract where he is employed to prevent the theft of pearl lines at an isolated pearl farm on the island of Sumbawa. Alone, Shaw soon finds himself surrounded by potential mafia informants and killers, while he tries to work out who is behind the theft of the pearl lines.

“The book was written so that it is as realistic as possible. In most thrillers, the plot or the actions of the hero can be implausible. In Stepping into the Unknown readers are thrilled by a true adventure,” says Shaw.

While many might think of Indonesia as simply being the tourist island of Bali, the nation consists of over 18000 islands and has a population of 262 million people (reference country meters info) with over 250 different dialects of the Indonesian language. It is the world’s most populous Muslim country. Commanding a strategic position at the gateway of the Pacific Ocean and Asia, Indonesia nonetheless suffers from extreme poverty and a high crime rate feeding global problems as people smuggling, drug trafficking, organized crime and terrorism.

“Readers will see a side of Indonesia few ever imagined,” Shaw says. Stepping into the Unknown mixes Brad Shaw’s real life experience with Peter D Campbell’s ability to tell a compelling story, the result of working as a journalist and novelist, thus creating the character Jay Samson.

For more photos check out the website jaysamson.net which is linked to Amazon.com


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