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In My Own Words - Podcast

In My Own Words - In Our Own Words

In the first section of this podcast In My Own Words Tony Sicklemore tells of his experiences with 42 Commando in the Falklands Conflict, from hearing about being called back from his Mum through to arriving back in Plymouth on a coach and the unexpected welcome home.

Often comical sometimes deep, but very personal story of his journey south as a Royal Marine Corporal, being helpless in San Carlos Water on board Canberra during the air attacks, extracting a wounded Marine over harsh terrain under harassing bombardment, the approach to and assault on Mount Harriet and entering the outskirts of Stanley to disarm the Argentines.

'They (the Argentinians on Mt Harriet) should have died old men up there'.

The Battle for Mt Harriet - 42 Commando Royal Marines

Later Tony talks about his book 'In Our Own Words' the unique collection of stories and memoir's from members of Lima Company 42 Commando with which he served in 1982, we speak of PTSD and of the cathartic effect committing memories to paper has had for at least one Marine.

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