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Royal Marine Artillery who served in the Anglo-Egyptian War

Photograph of soldiers from the Royal Marine Artillery who served in the Anglo-Egyptian War. Standing in front of a mounted gun from left to right are Colour Sergeant Lonsdale Clarke of the 6th Company Royal Marine Artillery; Sergeant Joseph Henderson of the 13th Company Royal Marine Artillery and Sergeant James Milton of the 6th Company Royal Marine Artillery All are wearing the uniform of the regiment.

Sergeant James Milton was Sergeant Major of the Royal Marines Battalion that served in Egypt in 1882 and he received the Egypt Medal from the Queen at Windsor Castle on the 21st November 1882. He wears the Egypt Medal and clasp and the Royal Naval Long Service and Good Conduct Medal. Later, in 1883, he also received the Khedive's Bronze Star for his role in the 1882 Egyptian Campaign. Colour Sergeant Lonsdale Clarke was due to be awarded the Egypt Medal with the clasp 'Tel-el-Kebir', but he never received his award. He died in the Naval Hospital at Haslar of natural causes and is buried in Highland Road Cemetery in Portsmouth. Sergeant Henderson received the Egypt Medal with the clasp 'Tel-el-Kebir' and was received by him when he served on board HMS Repulse 14th April 1883. The three men wear the home service helmets covered in blue cloth that were introduced in 1879, the spiked ornament being replaced by a ball shaped ornament in 1883 when worn by the Royal Marines Artillery. The Anglo-Egyptian War of 1882 repressed the nationalist ‘Urabi Revolt' and led to increased British control of Egypt. This photograph comes from an album from Queen Victoria’s collection titled 'AFGHANISTAN AND EGYPT PORTRAITS 1879 AND 1882' (RCIN 2501413). The album contains photographs of British soldiers who served in the Second Anglo-Afghan War (1878-80) and Anglo-Egyptian War (1882). Provenance From the collection of Queen Victoria []

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