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By Sea by Land

By Land and Sea (1941)

This march was modeled on Alford's entry into a competition in 1934 for an official slow march for the Royal Marines.

The title is the anglicized version of the Royal Marines motto "Per Mare Per Terram" and was written for the Plymouth Division, R.M. which includes a portion of the regimental quick march "A Life on the Ocean Wave" and the Royal Marines Bugle Calls.

Frederick Joseph Ricketts (21 February 1881 – 15 May 1945) was an English composer of marches for bands.

Under the pen name Kenneth J. Alford, he composed marches which are considered to be great examples of the art and was Royal Marines Director of Music.

Read more about him here:

Major FJ Ricketts Royal Marines - 'Colonel Bogey'

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