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47 CDO RM - Attack on Battery W11 Walcheren

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Unit/ Formation: 47 Cdo RM Location: Dishoek, Walcheren Period/ Conflict: World War II Year: 1944 Date/s: 2 - 3 November 1944 The Commando liberated the South-West area from Zoutlande to the gap and the Nolle dyke and captured the batteries W11 and W4.

Walcheren Flooded Areas Map also showing Strongpoints

On the second day of the op (2 Nov.) 47 advanced through 48 Commando and thus took over the lead of the advance to the FLUSHING gap.

Slight opposition was met during the late forenoon and early afternoon on the outskirts of battery W11, and in the evening (1700 hrs) an attack was unsuccessfully made on W11. The troops were then rather scattered and the five Troop Commanders of the fighting troops were all casualties.

Strongpoint W11 the Dishoek Battery

The Commando reorganized into one forward section and one rear section for the night, during which the forward section was counter-attacked. This attack was, however, repulsed.

On Nov. 3 the battery was finally taken in the morning and then a mop up down the dunes ensued, German troops surrendering the whole way down until they reached the final AA battery HQ.

The enemy gave four or five bursts of MG fire and then negotiated their surrender. Thus was the FLUSHING gap reached bordering the SCHELDT clearing.

34 men were killed taking W11 battery between Dishoek and Vlissingen.

A plaque on the wall of te R.K.-touristchurch in Dishoek (Veere community) is dedicated to 47 Cdo.

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