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December Dits - Happy New Year

How wonderful to see you here once more, or if for the first time, I hope you enjoy catching up on some 'Dits'.

I am afraid they are a little sparse this December with only 5 'Dits';

My excuse is I have been working hard on the Roll of Honour Data base; more in a moment, so if you need more dits after reading below please feel free to also check out some from last year:

As mentioned this December I have been concentrating on adding more personal information and historical context where possible to the Roll of Honour data base, so many names have so little information and gradually, and where possible, I am rectifying this, there are for example 715 names posted for December alone!

Please use this form to provide new information on some one that is missing from the data base (click image to open)

To that end I am encouraging those that can to maybe search for their own family name or choose someone randomly, see if they can expand on the information I have and so put a name to an action or a story rather than just a grave reference.

I receive lots of requests from family members looking to find out where their relative served or died, and I help where I can, I always encourage them to request the records first and I will try to work with them from there.

I am also expanding the database to include those that have died in service, in particular post war, to that end I have produced a form so anyone can submit information on a family member or opps who was a serving Royal Marine who died in service and is not listed.

Please check out the data base here;

 Royal Marines Roll of Honour & War Graves Database (click image to open)

Thanks again for checking in, please do share with your Oppo's and family and on social media.

For those that do not receive the monthly news letter or wish to check the archive please sign up here.

I do hope you had a safe and Merry Christmas, and wish you and you families a prosperous New Year.

Si Biggs

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