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Battle for the Falklands - Landing at San Carlos - 21 May 1982

The British Task Force started to land at San Carlos Bay on May 21st 1982 after receiving approval from London, under command of Brigadier J H Thompson, Royal Marines of 3 Commando Brigade.

Men from 40, 42 and 45 Commando were landed in San Carlos Bay along with men from 2nd & 3rd Parachute Battalions.

Royal Marines LCU from 4th Assault Squadron (4ASRM) from HMS Fearless

The main priorities were to secure the beachhead from attack and land as many men and supplies as was possible. To prevent nearby Argentine forces attacking the beachhead and disrupting it, groups of SBS and SAS Special Forces were sent out to deal with known and possible threats on the approaches and flanks.

Royal Marines LCVP's Landing Troops

1. FANNING HEAD RAID - SBS land by helicopter from Antrim; Argentine positions engaged by machine guns under Antrim's covering fire

2. DARWIN RAID - D Sqdn SAS landed by helicopter to hold down Argentine forces around Darwin and Goose Green. Support fire from Ardent out in Grantham Sound

3. AMPHIBIOUS SHIPS - 1st ASSAULT WAVE: Fearless - 40 Cdo by Fearless LCU; Norland - 2 Para by Intrepid LCU; 2nd ASSAULT WAVE: Intrepid - 3 Para; Stromness - 45 Cdo; RESERVE: Canberra - 42 Cdo; SUPPLY TRANSPORTS - Europic Ferry, Fort Austin, Sir Galahad, Sir Geraint, Sir Lancelot, Sir Percivale, Sir Tristram

4. SAN CARLOS (Blue Beach) - 40 Cdo RM and 3 Cdo Bde HQ, Arty Bty. Also 2 Para which moved towards Sussex Mountains

5. AJAX BAY (Red Beach) - 45 Cdo RM. Also Brigade Maintenance Area, Cdo Logistic Regt, Arty Bty

6. PORT SAN CARLOS (Green Beach) - 3 Para. Also 42 Cdo RM, Arty Bty

7. British aircraft lost just east of Port San Carlos - [b11,b12] Gazelles


8. BACK TO CVBG - DD Antrim, Transports Canberra, Europic Ferry, Norland

9. AMPHIBIOUS SHIPS IN SAN CARLOS WATER- Assault ships Fearless, Intrepid, RFAs Fort Austin, Stromness, LSLs Sir Galahad, Sir Geraint, Sir Lancelot, Sir Percivale, Sir Tristram

10. ESCORTS REMAINING - Antrim (UXB damage), Ardent (SINKING), Argonaut (UXB damage), Brilliant (minor damage), Broadsword (minor damage), Plymouth, Yarmouth

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