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70th Anniversary of the end of the Korean War - 27 July 2023

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The Korean War began on June 25,1950 when the Northern Korean People’s Army, backed by the Soviet Union, launched a military operation to conquer South Korea and unify the territories of the Peninsula under the North Korean communist regime.

The UK and the United States were among several nations that heeded the United Nations’ call to take up arms in defence of South Korea, with 81,000 British personnel serving in the theatre of operations.

Armistice negotiations began in July 1951, but it wasn’t until two years later that a peace agreement was signed at Panmunjom and hostilities between the two nations finally ceased on 27 July 1953.

The conflict is often referred to as the ‘forgotten war’ because of the relatively scant attention it receives in comparison to other conflicts of the era, namely the Second World War and the Cold War. [1]

Royal Marines served in various roles on ship and ashore conducting bombardments, carrying out amphibious raids, and war fighting operations the most famous of which was 41 Independent Commando's actions around the Chosin Reservoir.

31 Royal Marines were killed in Korea and 17 survived a harsh captivity, although one staying in the North.

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[1] Korean War veterans honoured at 70th anniversary event in Scotland

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