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46 CDO La Deliverande to Douvres

7th June 1944

Place: La Deliverande


2200 - 'B' and 'X' Tps with Command Post reached LA DELIVERANDE and occupied the town.


8th June 1944

Place: Petit Enfer


0215 - Wireless communication between unit HQ in PETIT ENFER and LA DELIVERANDE having failed, a patrol was sent out to find out the situation in LA DELIVERANDE and report back to 4 SS Bde.


0500 - Orders were received to push a patrol forward to DOUVRES 015806.


Place: La Deliverande


0800 - 'S' Tp left on patrol, returning at 1245 hrs, reporting that DOUVRES was clear of the enemy but that they had contacted the enemy in a strongpoint position immediately SOUTH of DOUVRES (this was the Radar Station between DOUVRES and BASLY 9979). 

The patrol suffered two casualties. 

DOUVRES was then occupied on orders received by 4 SS Bde. 

This task was carried out by 'A', 'Y', 'Z' and 'S' Troops who searched the village and took up positions to support an attack on the Radar Station which was to be made by 7 Black Watch at 1800 hrs with naval and air support.  This attack was cancelled by 1 Corps.

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