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47 Cdo RM - Sallenelles - Orne

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

Unit/ Formation: 47 Cdo RM

Location: France

Period/ Conflict: World War II

Year: 1944

Date/s: 18th June 1944

The Commando had now begun a new type of warfare. The job consisted entirely in defence and in dominating the patrol area between us and the Germans.

Arrivals from the UK brought the strength up to 23 Officers and 357 Other Ranks - mostly MT drivers and Administrative personnel. With the exception of X-Troop all troops held forward positions and X-Troop were called on to do most of the heavy patrolling. Digging, wiring and mining provided plenty of employment in the early days.

Domination of the area forward did not prove difficult and soon the Commando had established 24 hours standing patrols in GRANDE FERME DU BUISSON some 1000 yards forward of our line.

On 18 June, after arrangements to turn over to 46 Commando, the Commando made a brief raid into the enemy positions. The enemy were taken completely by surprise and their FDLs were over-run. 8 Prisoners of War were taken and the Commando lost 1 Other Rank killed and 22 Other Ranks wounded.

Immediately after the attack the Commando moved into Brigade reserve behind 48 Commando on the axis of the road SALLENELLES - ORNE bridges.

Read More/ Web Link:47 Commando Org

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