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Taking of Karachi

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Unit/ Formation: HM Ships

Location: Karachi

Period/ Conflict: 1800's

Year: 1839

Date/s: 2nd February 1839

On 17th January 1839, HMS Wellesley, flagship of the East Indian Squadron, embarked the 40th Regiment and sailed for Karachi.

On 2nd February under cover of the guns of Algerine and Constance the boats landed the regiment on the beach to west-ward of the batteries, which however only fired one shot.

Watercolour of HMS Wellesley, a three-masted, 74-gun ship of the line sailing along a rocky coastline before a good wind. Hills or mountains partially obscured by cloud are shown in the far distance. Wellesley is carrying the red ensign and flies a single red flag from the top of the mizzen mast indicating readiness for action.

As so many seamen were away in the boats, the Marines under Captain E B Ellis, were manning the ships' guns and opened fire until the fort was occupied.

On the 4th the boats crews went to the encampment of the regiment on Marharo Hill and the regiment occupied the town.

So fell into British hands one of the most important harbours in India

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