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SBS seize Bagram Air Base

Unit/ Formation: SBS

Location: Bagram

Period/ Conflict: War in Afghanistan (2001-)

Year: 2001

Date/s: 15 November 2001

During the US-led invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 Bagram Air Base was secured by a team from the British Special Boat Service.

The old Russian control tower as it appeared when the first UK and U.S. forces arrived on Bagram Airfield in December 2001. In this photo, painted camouflage and holes are visible in the tower's exterior roof. The tower, which is a familiar landmark to deployed service members and civilians who have worked here, was built on Bagram Airfield in 1976 during the Soviet Union's economic collaboration with Afghanistan. (US Airforce Central Command)

Around 100 members of the SBS flew into the Bagram air base north of Kabul as the advance party of a force designed to help restore order and to ensure that humanitarian aid can get through. The troops, a complete squadron paved the way for the deployment of a much larger, British-led multinational force.

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