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SBS - Limpit Mine Removal - Palastine

Unit/ Formation: SBS

Location: Haifa

Period/ Conflict: Palastine Mandate

Year: 1948

Date/s: 19

In 1946, the SBS, whether of Commando or SAS parentage, were disbanded. The functional title SBS was adopted by the Royal Marines.

It became part of the school of Combined Operations Beach and Boats Section (COBBS), formed in 1947 under the command of "Blondie" Hasler. The COBBS formed a new Special Boat Section the following year.

The SBS first missions were in Palestine (ordnance removal) and in Haifa (limpet mine removal from ships).

On the last day of the British Mandate for Palestine (1919-48). , the creation of the State of Israel was proclaimed and the 1948 Arab–Israeli War began.

Haifa port was a sealed British enclave from May 15th-June 30th, 1948, and the last area controlled as agreed with the new state of Israel in order to facilitate the departure of personnel & property back to the UK.

The SBS has migrated through several name changes, including the Special Boat Company (1951) and Special Boat Squadron (1974), before becoming the Special Boat Service in 1987.

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