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'Ship' Redoubt at Pasajes

Unit/ Formation: Royal Marines

Location: San Sebastian

Period/ Conflict: Carlist Wars

Year: 1836

Date/s: 28th May 1836

28 May 1836 – A mixed force supported by thirty guns and those of Phoenix and Salamander took the port of Pasajes. By a swift offensive, with little loss, Evans had captured a vital port and established a foothold on the coast of about nine miles in extent.

70 men of the Castor under Lieutenants Halliday and Langley were taken to the eastward and landed at Passages, where they marched to the top of the hill, which commanded the harbour and the hills round.

On the next day they were reinforced by Lieutenant Clapperton and 12 RMA; here they built a redoubt, under the direction of Lord John Hay, which was shaped like a ship and was given the name of the 'Ship'. It was armed with two 6 prs and two 3prs, also a 4 pr and 20 pr Rocket Tube.

San Sebastian, 1838 - Henry Wilkinson - coloured engraving

Seamen from the Fleet came up to help make and can the redoubt; also a company under a Captain from the Battalion.

It was only about six miles across country to San Sebastian, so they could watch the fighting going on there.

About 2 am on the 9th June the little garrison of 300 was attacked by 400 Carlists. At daylight, when visibility was better, the Carlists were driven off: Lieutenant Langley was wounded in the leg and gained the Order of San Fernando.

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