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March 'on' Marines

Happy Easter to you and your families, don't scoff all the 'Nutty' in one day!

I hope you have time to sit with a glass of port and enjoy some of the blog posts below.

This month I was contacted by a lady who wished to know more about here Grandfathers War which started with 41 Commando on Sword Beach on teh 6th June 1944.

This made me realise that apart from a single pin I had almost missed a whole Commando Unit off of my D Day map.

As you will see below I have begun to rectify this, and via a donation to charity, have also purchased 41 CDO's War Diary which includes some useful events and Grid references so I can focus my research and add more in the coming months as we lead up to the 80th Anniversary.

I even managed to find a video of a medal parade where 2 Royal Marines are presented the MM from General Montgomery, (see the blog below)

I hope you enjoy this months articles, and once again please do share amongst your oppo's via e mail, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

Always free, please ask them to sign up here.

I am always delighted to receive feedback and comments, so please feel free to get in touch,

Yours Aye,

Si Biggs

31 March 2024

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