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Formation of 41 CDO RM

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

No 41 CDO Royal Marines was brought into being at Llanion Barracks, Pembroke Dock on 7th October 1942.

Formed of volunteers primarily from the 8th RM Battalion which was being disbanded. Designated as RM Commando 'B' before being quickly redesignated as 41 Royal Marine Commando, Royal Marines.


01.12.1942 Isle of Wight, Commanding Officer Lieutenant Colonel B.J.D. Lumsden.

03.04.1943 Commando moved to Troon, Scotland.

14.06.1943 embarked SS Durban Castle for convoy to Sicily.

10.07.1943 disembarked 'Commando Cove' near Punta Castellazo, Sicily (Operation Husky).

15.07.1943 boarded destroyers HMS Laforey and HMS Quantock disembarking at Syracuse.

16.07.1943 boarded Landing Ships Queen Emma and Princess Beatrix for Augusta.

17.07.1943 enemy air raid on the Queen Emma.

05.08.1943 moved to Aci Castello, north of Catania.

31.08.1943 transported to Misilmeri, near Palermo, attached to American 5th Army.

09.09.1943 disembarked from 2 LCI's at Vietri-sul-Mar (Operation Avalanche). Engaged in operations with Army Commandos at 41 Commando Hill above Piegolelle (Piegolette), The Pimple, and White Cross Hill.

19.09.1943 moved to rest area on coast near Salerno.

26.09.1943 returned to Aci Castello, and later Catania.

18.11.1943 embarked ship at Syracuse bound for Algiers.

21.11.1943 arrived at No.4 Transit Camp, near Bone (now Annaba).

26.12.1943 embarked SS Oranto at Algiers for transport to UK under the command of Lieutenant Colonel T.M. Gray.

04.01.1944 disembarked at Gourock, Scotland, and entrained for onward journey to RM Barracks, Deal, Kent.

06.01.1944 disembarkation leave.

26.01.1944 moved to civilian billets Ramsgate and Margate.

08.04.1944 advance party moved to Hastings followed by the main body 6 days later.

25.05.1944 moved to pre invasion camp at West Common, Southampton.

05.06.1944 moved to Warsash. Boarded 5 LCI's moored in the Solent. Cast off 2130hrs.

06.06.1944 0845hrs, landed at Normandy on Sword Beach, near Lion-sur-Mer.

07.06.1944 Colonel Gray wounded, Major Taplin assumes command. Commando moved to Luc-sur_Mer.

To be continued

20.02.1946 unit disbanded. (reformed in )

[Credit for the above timeline: 'They did what was asked of them', author Raymond Mitchell ].

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References/ further reading

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