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Marines at the Capture of Manilla - 1762

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

Unit/ Formation: Marine Regiments

Location: Philippines

Period/ Conflict: Seven Years' War

Year: 1762

Date/s: 24th September 1762

The Battle of Manila was fought during the Seven Years' War, from 24 September 1762 to 6 October 1762, between Great Britain and Spain in and around Manila, the capital of the Philippines, a Spanish colony at that time. 270 marines were part of the British Force.

On 24 September 1762, a British fleet of eight ships of the line, three frigates, and four store ships with a force of 6,839 regulars, sailors and marines, sailed into Manila Bay from Madras.

The expedition, led by Brigadier-General William Draper and Rear-Admiral Samuel Cornish, captured Manila, "the greatest Spanish fortress in the western Pacific".

On 5 October 1762 (4 October local calendar), the night before the fall of the walled city of Manila, the Spanish military persuaded Rojo to summon a council of war. Several times the archbishop wished to capitulate, but was prevented. That same day with very heavy battery fire, the British had successfully breached the walls of the bastion of San Diego. The pioneers had emptied the water in the ditch, dismounted the cannons of that bastion and the two adjoining bastions, San Andes and San Eugeno. In addition they set fire to parts of the town, and drove the Spanish forces from the walls.

At dawn of 6 October, British forces attacked the breach and took the fortifications, meeting little resistance. During the siege, the Spanish military lost three officers, two sergeants, 50 troops of the line, and 30 civilians of the militia, besides many wounded. Among the natives there were 300 killed and 400 wounded. The besiegers suffered 147 killed and wounded, of whom sixteen were officers. The fleet fired upon the city more than 5,000 bombs, and more than 20,000 balls Read More/ Web Link: Wikipedia

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