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Air Defence of Malta - Royal Marines Bofors

28th February 1941

At Malta as part of the air defence in World War 2, the Royal Marines were

given two Bofors, guns, which were mounted on the Upper Barraca, one of the highest points in the Grand Harbour.

By collecting all of the available N.C.Os signallers, an officer's servant, a boy bugler, and one of the Admiral's orderlies, it was found possible to muster two guns' crews, and one for relief's and replacements.

The men had never fired Bofors before, but learnt after one-weeks training under a Royal Malta Artillery instructor.

In the early hours of 28th February the battery claimed its first definite victim; a minelayer, believed to be a Junkers 88, was hit, and was last seen diving steeply and clearing the breakwater by only a few feet.

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