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Battle & Breaching of the Drocourt-Queant Line

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

Unit/ Formation: RMLI

Location: France Period/ Conflict: World War I Year: 1918 Date/s: 2nd to 3rd September 1918 Battle of Drocourt-Queant (Second and final phase of Second Arras) involving 63rd Division. 24 Royal Marines killed on the first day, and a further 11 on the 3rd.

The Drocourt-Quéant Line (Wotan Stellung) was a set of mutually supporting defensive lines constructed by Germany between the French towns of Drocourt and Quéant during World War I. This defensive system was part of the northernmost section of the Hindenburg Line, a vast German defensive system that ran through northeastern France.

It was attacked and captured by Canadian and British troops in the closing months of the war as part of Canada's Hundred Days of successful offensive campaigning that helped end the war.

1st RM Battalion, 2nd September 1918

ADKINS, Horace (real name, but served as Frank Adams), Private, RMLI, 19288 (Po):

ARCHER, Harold E, Private, RMLI, S 2355 (Po),

DOW: ASH, Frederick R, Private, RMLI, S 2650 (Ch),

DOW: BADGER, Edgar, Private, RMLI, S 2324 (Ch):

BAKER, Reginald T, Private, RMLI, S 2915 (Ply):

BIDDLE, Walter W, Lance Corporal, RMLI, S 2369 (Ply):

BROOKE, Jacob B, Private, RMLI, S 1126 (Po):

BURBIDGE, William, Private, RMLI, S 2354 (Po):

EVANS, Frederick W, Private, RMLI, S 2559 (Ply):

EVERITT, Charles E, Private, RMLI, S 1698 (Ply):

GOURLEY, David, Private, RMLI, 15688 (Ply):

HALFORD, Frederick C, Private, RMLI, S 2454 (Ch):

HUMPHRIES, Clement F, Private, RMLI, S 2591 (Ply):

NEEDLE, Ernest T, Private, RMLI, S 1675 (Ply):

REES, Trevellyan D, Private, RMLI, 18588 (Ply):

ROCK, John T, Private, RMLI, S 2553 (Po):

SEABROOK, Sidney, Private, RMLI, 20668 (Ch):

STEER, James F, Sergeant, RMLI, S 1296 (Ch):

SURRIDGE, William N, Private, RMLI, 20063 (Po):

SYDENHAM, Henry J, Private, RMLI, S 1637 (Po):

TORRANCE, Daniel, Private, RMLI, S 2420 (Ch):

WEIGHT, Frederick G, Regimental Sergeant Major, RMLI, 11722 (Ch):

YOUNG, William H, Private, RMLI, S 2024 (Ply), DOW

1st RM Battalion, 3rd September 1918

BEAN, Percy S, Private, RMLI, 19392:

BRYAN, Frank, Private, RMLI, S 2617 (Ch):

CARROLL, John, Private, RMLI, 18749 (Ply):

CLARK, George A, Private, RMLI, S 1911 (Po), DOW:

CLARKE, Frederick, Private, RMLI, S 2052 (Po):

CRADDOCK, Albert, Private, RMLI, 16962 (Po):

HUNT, George W H, Private, RMLI, 19175 (Po):

LINDSAY, Sidney J, Private, RMLI, 15405 (Ply):

NEWTON, Albert W, Sergeant, RMLI, 17111 (Ch):

ROBINSON, Leslie R J, Private, RMLI, S 1485 (Po), DOW

SULLIVAN, John, Private, RMLI, S 1863 (Ply).

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