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Ambush in Cyprus - Loss of Marine Alasdair MacDOUGALL

Unit/ Formation: 45 Cdo RM

Location: Amiados

Period/ Conflict: Cyprus Emergency

Year: 1958

Date/s: 22nd October 1958

Marine Alasdair MacDOUGALL RM 15894 of 45 Commando killed in road ambush near Amiados in the Troodos Mountains, Cyprus. Buried at Waynes Keep Military Cemetery Nicosia Cyprus, remembered on the Post 1945 Roll of Honour, The Cenotaph, Cavell Gardens, Inverness

Approx location of Ambush and death of Marine Alasdair MacDOUGALL RM 15894 of 45 Commando

This was during the campaign waged by a Greek terrorist organization, EOKA, with the aim of achieving union of Cyprus with Greece against the wishes of the Turkish community Exact Location Unknown

Cyprus Emergency (1955-1959) Stone of remembrance, Lichfield Town, Staffordshire

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