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Action on the Druid

Unit/ Formation: His Majesty's Marine Forces

Location: Atlantic Ocean

Period/ Conflict: 1700's

Year: 1777

Date/s: 03 October 1777

Oct 3, 1777 - Lieut Bourcher, commander of the Sloop Druid which had been involved in heavy action against a rebel privateer, sighting the rebel ship at 4:30pm - Latitude 40.33.N & Longitude 50.17.W The Druid had faced fire from the rebel privateer, mounted with between 38/40 guns from about 5pm till shortly before 6:20pm, suffering damage to rigging, rendering sails useless, masts wounded. The Druid’s Captain had been mortally injured in the first broadside shots.

Lieut Bourcher wrote the following to Philip Stephens, Secretary of the Admiralty: ...”I should be wanting in Gratitude and Justice if I omitted to mention the remarkable Bravery of the Officers, Seamen and Marines, during the Action...” of the 11 listed killed during action, 4 were marines, with a further 6 marines injured.

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